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Who We Are

The AI Index program is an independent initiative
at the Stanford HAI. The program is a
collaborative effort led by the AI Index Steering
Committee, an interdisciplinary group of experts
from across academia and industry.

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  • Ray Perrault
    Distinguished Computer Scientist, SRI international
  • Jack Clark
    Co-Founder, Anthropic; Co-Director, OECD’s Working Group on AI and Compute; Research Fellow, Center for Security and Emerging Technology
  • Erik Brynjolfsson
    Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamakazi professor, Stanford University; Senior Fellow, Stanford HAI; Director, Stanford Digital Economy Lab
  • John Etchemendy
    Denning Co-Director, Stanford HAI
  • Terah Lyons
    Founding Executive Director, Partnership on AI
  • Katrina Ligett
    Professor, Hebrew University
  • James Manyika
    Senior Vice President of Technology and Society, Google
  • Juan Carlos Niebles
    Research Director, Salesforce Research; Co-Director, Stanford Vision And Learning Lab
  • Vanessa Parli
    Associate Director of Research Programs, Stanford HAI
  • Yoav Shoham (Founding Director)
    Professor Emeritus Of Computer Science, Stanford University; Co-Founder, Ai21 Labs
  • Russell Wald
    Managing Director for Policy and Society, Stanford HAI
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